AR experience for Fat Margaret museum





Client: Estonian Maritime Museum

Creative Agency: C-Studio

Partners Involved: Subatomic Studios, Flink Studios

In tight collaboration with Estonian Maritime Museum, we developed a concept an Augmented Reality application for using at exhibitions and for visitors to enjoy. The concept was generally simple yet artistically challenging: re-model a small scale and slightly stylized Fat Margaret museum (Paks Margareeta, in Estonian, is an old cannon tower in medieval Tallinn used for the maritime museum). 

The Android & iOS applications supports five languages (EST, ENG, RUS, FIN & LAT) and feature an AR solution that, by scanning a target (Fat Margaret museum logo) two animated curators appear and tell you stories of different exhibits. All content was originally designed in-house in C-Studio by our talented lead artist Ingmar Trump. Although the museum itself is currently being renovated and will open in 2020, the application has been successfully used at trades shows in Russia and Finland.


Client Profile:

The Estonian Maritime Museum is the institution for collecting, preserving, studying and presenting Estonian maritime culture (maritime history). Our mission is to promote knowledge about, respect for and love of the sea.

The problem addressed:

The museum needs something to show at tourism trade shows and give to their clients to experience.

The solution provided:

We developed a concept and, following that, a multi-platform application that runs on all smart devices, while educational and entertaining. For that client must share graphic material (including a marker) to their visitors or potential partners and they can then enjoy the experience also on their own, whenever suitable. Such an approach strengthens partnerships and helps to raise awareness amongst visitors alike.

Several activities were executed:

  • Conceptual consulting
  • Technical & UX Consulting
  • 3D Art Modelling
  • Marker recognition development
  • Character design, rigging & animation
  • Sound recording and FX
  • Other technical implementation
  • Quality Assurance & Testing
  • Tech support

Want to try it out yourself?

The Characters were designed according to real people!

The characters designed for the experience were actually modelled according to two existing people: Fat Margaret museum curators Feliks Gornischeff and Priit Lätti. You can see the progress and process of the development in the gallery on the right.

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