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  • "C-Studio provided us with creative and enthralling augmented reality hologram concert for Estonia 100 celebration in Singapore. We worked on a rather tight schedule and they were very responsive and efficient. I'm looking forward to working with them again!"

    Jasmine Watson
    Jasmine Watson Commercial Officer at Enterprise Estonia in Singapore


Creative Agency: C-Studio


In January 2018 C-Studio and Criffin decided to make Estonia a rather expensive gift: Augmented Reality show that was delivered to EV100 celebration in Singapore. The goal was bringing Estonian artist to Singapore as a hologram and artist NOËP kindly joined the gift for our beloved country. Along the way also a speech by Minister of Entrepreneurship and Information Technology Urve Palo was integrated into

final solution. The delivered platform included a possibility to pose with minister Palo (+take photos and share in Social media), minister’s speech and 5 songs by NOËP, one of these still not released to general public. We are also very grateful to our technology partner Arilyn for joining with the cause and providing their AR platform for easy integration and cloud streaming. 


Client Profile:

Enterprise Estonia (EAS) is a state-run agency responsible for promoting Estonia abroad. On 7 September they opened an office in Singapore, the EAS Singapore office aims to promote trade relations between the countries as well as connect the Estonian start-up community with Asian venture capital.

The problem addressed:

EAS Singapore needed an interesting program for their event planned for the EV100, celebration of Estonia 100 years.

The solution provided:

C-Studio provided A-Z service to address their need as a sponsorship along with other sponsors. Please read in more detail about the solutions provided below.

Project Phases:

  • Ideation Phase – all aspects of the solution were decided;
  • Pre Production Phase – arrangements for production;
  • Post Production – videos were keyed, cleaned and color graded;
  • Technical Implementation – the material was implemented into a user-friendly form on Arilyn platform
  • Print master files for markers (floor stickers and costers)
  • Landing page & instructions
  • Quality Assurance & Testing
  • On-site presentation & off-site tech support
  • Additionally, we offered guests to experience Estonia by viewing 360 degrees VR videos from VR headsets in our “igloo room”

Development of the AR “hologram” concert

The project was initiated by Indrek Pällo, the Chief Representative Officer at Enterprise Estonia Singapore, while he suggested us at the beginning of 2018 to “bring an Estonian artist to EV100 event without actually bringing them.” His idea was inspired by our ongoing Tere! milk advertising campaign and surely inspired us to get the snowball rolling.

We introduced the idea to our technology partner Arilyn in Finland, Helsinki, to make the Republic of Estonia a unique gift for its 100 years jubilee: lets send some Estonian artist to perform in Singapore in AR! Arilyn Creative Director Otso Kähönen and Motion Designer Mats Havia shared the vision and joined in the gift by providing tech support and free license for the cause.

Additionally, we considered many different possible artists for the event but no one met the technical and other requirements better than NOËP and miraculously he agreed as well to join in with the gift and participated in the production for free! Thank you, NOËP!

Enterprise Estonia contacted and involved Minister of Entrepreneurship and Information Technology, Urve Palo and she gave an Augmented Reality speech in Singapore.

The production process was handled in collaboration by UNCUT Studios and C-Studio, we shot necessary materials in green screen studio (thanks for great work, DoP Kristjan-Jaak Nuudi!) and post productions was handled by Aleks Tenusaar from UNCUT Studios.

All technical compositing and cloud setup was handled by Arilyn. As the result, we built an app that featured three functionalities: pose with minister Palo for a photo session; listen to minister Palo’s speech in AR; listen to 5 songs in the form of AR concert by NOËP.

The event took place in Singapore on 22nd of February 2018 and attending was the local business and political elite. After the speeches Peeter Nieler presented the solution by first introducing minister Palo’s augmented speech and after that AR concert by NOËP. Visitors could not only see the concert by also download the app and experience it first-hand: all around the venue were large floor-markers for posing with the minister or enjoying life-size AR concert by NOËP. Also, special costers (made of strong carton) were designed and distributed around the venue so people could not just use the solution, but also take it with them.

Above a gallery to show some of the photos from the event.

Please also feel free to see the making of video above!

We thank everyone going the extra mile during this great gift to Republic of Estonia:

  • All-talented NOËP (link)
  • Arilyn and their Motion Designer Mats Havia
  • UNCUT Studios and Aleks Tenusaar
  • Director of Photography Kristjan-Jaak Nuudi
  • Very agile and helpful Jasmine Watson from Enterprise Estonia Singapore
  • Rein Zobel from Maru VR for providing us with 360 videos about Estonia for the visitors
  • …and of course – the team at C-Studio!

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