AR Solution for Tere milk campaign





Client: TERE AS

Creative Agency: AGE MCCANN

Partners Involved: AGE MCCANN, ERR, ARILYN

In tight collaboration with Age McCann agency and Arilyn, we created an AR app for Tere! milk and Eesti Laul singing contest. The goal of the campaign was to attract more young people to drink milk. The creative work came practically entirely from Age McCann agency, C-Studio assisted with UX design and technical side. As the result (according to project’s video production director Rene Vilbre – most probably the first time in Estonian history) an AR app with alpha (transparent) video content was created. 

Specially designed milk cartons could be scanned with Arilyn and each week leading up to the final, different contestants would leap from within the product and perform mini-concerts, in hologram form, for the viewer. Simple AR menu gave users the ability to simply navigate between the songs. All video production was made by ERR, very innovative was higher angle filming approach by DoP Kristjan-Jaak Nuudi. The project was considered success with nearly 20,000 scans.


Client Profile:

Tere AS is a modern sales and production company with a wide but efficient product portfolio, having developed from a dairy processor into a well-organised innovative company. The main business of AS Tere is the production and sales of large variety of dairy products and purchasing of local high quality raw milk. The production units of Tere are located in Viljandi and Põlva. The company employs more than 420 people. We highly value domestic crude milk and traditions, at the same time being innovative and open to new directions. Knowing the expectations of consumers, we use new technologies and develop healthy products, offering vitality and satisfaction to people of all ages..

Agency Role:

Age McCann developed the concept and organized with the help of ERR the production of all songs in ERR greenscreen studio. Age McCann was also responsible for post-production and visual elements used in the app.

The problem addressed:

Young people drink less milk every day.

The solution provided:

Age McCann worked out the current AR concept in collaboration with Eesti Laul song contest (contest is organized to select the winning song to represent Estonia in Eurovision song contest) to promote milk amongst the target audience. C-Studio acted in current project as technology consulting partner by helping with advice, suggestions for better UX and project management. The project is considered a success: the milk carton was scanned close to 20 000 times and sales were up 34% during the campaign. Last but by no means least, Eurovison got a new nickname: Terevision.

Several activities were executed:

  • Technical & UX Consulting
  • Technical Implementation – the material was implemented into a user-friendly form on Arilyn platform
  • Quality Assurance & Testing
  • Tech support
  • Updating 5 new artists every week in two months period

Instructional video made by Age McCann:

In the media:

  • Menu (video): “Virtuaalmaailma ime: kutsu Eesti Laulu poolfinalistid endale koju laulma” (link)
  • Geenius: “Igaüks võib nüüd vaadata Eesti Laulu finaallugusid liitreaalsuses” (link)
  • Publik: “Virtuaalne imedemaa: Võlu kõik Eesti Laulu poolfinalistid endale pudru kõrvale või vanni laulma” (link)
  • Kuldmuna reklaamiauhinnad: “Tere Eesti Laul” (link)

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